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[news] B2ST’s Dongwoon reveals he was once kissed on the lips by Junhyung

Maybe it’s because it’s been four years since their last reality program, but B2ST did not shy away in the slightest for their entertaining ‘Showtime - Burning the BEAST' show on April 10! On this episode, Dongwoon revealed a story with Junhyung that shocked even the other members.

He said, “Once, when Junhyung and I were drunk, Junhyung kissed me on the lips then left.” The other members said, “On the lips," and were unable to hide their shocked expressions.

Junhyung asked nonchalantly, “Is that a bad thing?

Kikwang asked, "Did he do it like this," turning his head to pretend he was kissing. Doojoon said to him, “Why do you turn your head?" Dongwoon showed with his hand that Junhyung just did a peck and left.  

Regarding the kiss, Junhyung said coolly, “Everyone does it like that in America.” Yoseob chirped in, “But you’re from Eungam-dong.”

Doojoon showed an overtly excited reaction, so Junhyung asked him, “Are you angry at me because you want one from me too," making everybody laugh.  

Make sure you watch this first hilarious episode!

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[news]Kikwang reminisces about fans peeking into B2ST’s bathroom

On the first episode of B2ST's 'Showtime - Burning the BEST' on April 10, the members visited locations where they made a lot of good memories. Kikwang chose to go to their first dorm and peeked over a brick wall to see the window into what had been their only bathroom. 

He explained that back when they lived there together, curious fans had spied on the boys through the window. Kikwang shared, “Whether washing up or showering, they would…" and he peered over the wall and into the window to show what the fans did.  

He continued, “Once, I made eye contact. ‘Hey, you, are you watching?’," addressing the fan he had caught.

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[news] Junhyung admits for the first time that he has a variation of color blindness

On the April 10 installment of MBC Everyone's 'Showtime - Burning the B2ST’, Junhyungadmitted for the first time that he had color weakness, which is a variation of color blindness in that colors appear less distinctive for him than it would for others.

Kikwang said, “There was a time Sunmi came out with pink hair,” and a fun time ensued as the other members chatted about this when suddenly Junhyung said seriously, “Don’t talk about colors.”

Surprised, everyone asked him why and Junhyung broke into laughter and said, “Because I have color weakness.”

Taken aback by his sudden confession of having color weakness, the other B2ST members said, “Even the fans don’t know.  Only we do.

Kikwang added, “Is this your first time admitting this in your 26 years?"  Yoseob said, “He really got ambitious on the show to the point he confessed this.  Did you come out here with that intention?" making everybody laugh.  

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[news] B2ST’s Hyunseung reveals who he’d like as his Troublemaker partner if not HyunA

B2ST's Hyunseung revealed who he would choose as his Troublemaker partner if 4minute'sHyunA wasn’t in the picture.

On the April 10th episode of B2ST’s new reality show ‘Showtime Burning the BEAST’, Hyunseung was asked, "If HyunA wasn’t a part of Troublemaker, which idol would you like to join you?" He was given a few choices, like Girl’s Day's HyeriSunmi, and SISTAR'sHyorin.

Without even hesitating, Hyunseung responded, "Sunmi for me." The members poked fun at him, saying, "You like her, don’t you," and "You can’t put your personal feelings into it. Think about it from the public’s point of view."

Who would you match up with Hyunseung if HyunA was, unfortunately, not a part of Troublemaker?

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[news] Doojoon says Junhyung needs an image change + Yoseob wants to appear more manly than cute

On the April 10 installment of MBC Everyone's new reality program 'Showtime - Burning the B2ST,’ the topic of their image was brought up.  

When Junhyung was about to speak, Doojoon cut in, “Your image is not good.  I think we need to improve it,” making everyone laugh.  Junhyung started, “Improve…" but seemed unable to further connect words, so Kikwang stepped in.

Kikwang said, “Junhyung is a rapper and composer, who gives off the vibe of an artist, so we wish the audience and fans would know about his fun side.”  Junhyung appeared to have liked this as he just smiled.  

Yoseob said in relation to his own image, “Rather than a cute image, I now want to show a manly side.”

Do you think Junhyung’s image needs to be changed?  And what do you think of a manlier image for Yoseob?

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[news] B2ST is coming back in May

B2ST have some exciting news as they have announced that a comeback is in store this May!

A Cube Entertainment told MyDaily on the 9th, “B2ST is set to make a comeback mid-May… [Their comeback] was initially planned for late April or early May but in order to raise the quality of the album, there has been a slight delay… They are experimenting with various things for their recording and visual concept. You will see a never-before-seen side of B2ST.”

The boys’ new reality show ‘Showtime - Burning the Beast' will get your ready for their return with a livestream of the press conference, before the first episode, taking place at 2PM KST on the 10th. So make sure to check it out then here.

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[news] ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ confirms lineup for soccer edition

KBS 2TV's 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' unveiled the 10-member lineup for its upcoming soccer edition!


The show announced its new lineup for the sixth sports special, which will focus on soccer, featuring MC Kang Ho Dong, original member Seo Ji Suk, comedian Jung Hyung Don, announcer Jo Woo Jong, singer Lee Jung, former national skating athlete Lee Kyu Hyuk, B2ST's Doojoon andKikwang, singer Goo Ja Myung, and former national soccer athlete Lee Young Pyo.

Former fixed castmates Kim Yeon Woo, Julien Kang, and John Park have decided to leave the show.

Catch ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ every Tuesday at 11:20 PM KST!

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[news] Girls’ Generation, EXO, B2ST, and more to perform at ‘Dream Concert’

Girls’ Generation, EXO, B2ST, KARA, 4minute, and more will be standing on stage for the 20th anniversary of ‘We Love Korea 2014 Dream Concert' at the World Cup Stadium on June 7.  

In addition, the Korea Entertainment Producers Association is planning various events with a reception where the government and National Assembly, service organizations, important figures, sponsors, business reps, and participants will be present.  

Other participating idol groups will include B1A4, VIXX, A Pink, Girl’s Day, T-ara, U-KISS, BTOB, Rainbow, Block B, Crayon Pop, Boys Republic, Dal Shabet, Topp Dogg, F.CUZ, SPEED, GOT7, and Tiny-G.

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[news] A Pink’s Namjoo reveals she doesn’t like taking pictures with Yoseob

On a new episode of KBS 2TV's 'Hello,’ MC Jung Chan Woo asked, “Is there a person you dislike taking pictures with?

A Pink's Namjoo chose B2ST's Yoseob, explaining that she had to film a CF with him once and the concept was a couple look.  The other audience members could understand as he was known to have a very small face.

Eunji said to Namjoo, “His face is smaller than yours," which Namjoo admitted, although with some sadness.

Also on the show, Eunji said, “Women don’t like men pretending to be tough.  They just need to show themselves the way they are."  Do you agree?

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[news] Yoseob gives a cautionary message about prank calls on April Fool’s Day

Happy April Fool’s Day!  While it can be a very fun day to pull some harmless pranks, it can also go a bit too far at times, which may be why Yoseob wrote a thoughtful cautionary message to fans via Twitter.

He wrote, “April Fool’s Day, a fun day as long as you don’t cross the line into hurting one another.  Ban on prank calls.  Especially, a super ban on prank calls to the police or fire stations!  No one would do such irrational pranks like that, right?  If you’re going to [do a prank call], I’d prefer you to it to me instead,” and cutely left an illegible phone number.

Netizens replied, "How cool," "It’s nice to see," and more compliments for his consideration.  

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