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[!!!] B2ST special 7th mini album 'TIME'! Title song is 12:30”is produced by Team Good Life which is an R&B ballad song. It will release on 20th Oct

[!!] [INFO] BEAST’s Japanese Single “キミはどう?” (How About You?) will be officially released online on 14th Nov.

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!!! [NEWS] BEAST release teaser for special 7th mini album for 5th anniversary

To commemorate their 5th anniversary debut, BEAST are releasing special 7th mini album following their 6th EP ‘Good Luck’ 4 months ago.

The teaser clip shows a gloomy seashore and on the sand the digits 1016 are written but as the waves cleared up 1230 emerged. In addition, we hear Yoseob’s voice singing with the word ‘Drive’. Fans have noticed that the number have been hinted by the members on their twitter accounts.

Though it’s suggested that 1016 means October 16 but the 12:30 remained a mystery. Meanwhile, watch the teaser below:
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[news] Cube Entertainment merges with Cube DC bringing Rain, Roh Ji Hoon, 4minute, B2ST, and more under one roof

Cube Entertainment has fully merged with its subsidiary company Cube DC, bringing artists from both agencies together.

On August 27, Cube Entertainment announced, "In order to increase our management efficiency and synergy between the agencies, we’ve decided to merge together." The parent company now owns 100% of Cube DC’s shares, and there will be no substantial effect in terms of stock issuance.

Cube DC has managed names like RainShin Ji HoonRoh Ji Hoon, and actor Kwak Seung Nam, while Cube Entertainment is home to idols 4minuteB2STG.NA, and BTOBas well as Kim Ki RiOh Ye RiNa Jong Chan, and Jo Seo Ha.

Maybe we can look forward to collaborations? Stay tuned!

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[news]B2ST’s Junhyung shows his playful and sexy side for ‘CeCi’ magazine

B2ST's rapper and talented composer Junhyung showed off the different sides to himself in a recent photo shoot with ‘CeCi' magazine that took place in the Maldives.

In the black and white pictures, he takes his shirt off and turns on the sexy with his furrowed eyebrows and charismatic gaze.  However, the burst of colors in the other pictures emphasizes his childlike playfulness and innocence.

Do you prefer the sexy or the boyish Junhyung?

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[news] B2ST share their wish to make a comeback this fall

B2ST announced their wish to make a comeback this fall!

B2ST held their solo concert ‘BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2014' at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggido on August 15-16 with a total of 20,000 B2UTY. As much as it was their first solo concert in a year, they filled up the 2 hours with performances of a total of 20 songs including solo stages.

Dongwoon especially got B2UTY’s attention when he shared that it’s time for a change for the better, “Up until now, we’ve waited 1 year for each new album. I don’t want it to be like that from now on.” Yoseob also gave a shout out to his agency Cube Entertainment, asking for a fall comeback, “Should we take it one step further?… We’re releasing an album in the fall… Cube, are you watching? Let’s release an album in the fall.” B2ST shared, “We have to be loud and clear like this to pull it off.”

Let’s hope their wish for a fall comeback comes true!

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Yoseob will be featuring in Hyuna’s mini album ‘A Talk' track #4 : From When and Until When (ft. Yoseob) . Album will be release on 28th.

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[news] B2ST’s Doojoon looks like the doppelganger of an empress from the Qing Dynasty?

SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' brought up an amusing comparison betweenB2ST's leader Doojoon and an empress from the Qing Dynasty on July 16.  The two proved to look so similar that even Doojoon couldn’t hide his surprise.

He said on the program, “I think the eyes, nose, lips, and face shape look the same more than just similar."  The other members were also surprised, saying that even their chins were the same!  They said, "The person who found a picture like this is even more amazing.”

Do you think Doojoon and the empress look alike?

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[news] B2ST’s Dongwoon joins the million club on Twitter

B2ST's Dongwoon is now the 4th member to reach past 1 million followers on Twitter!

KikwangJunhyung, and Doojoon had all reached 1 million followers on their accounts, and the maknae has finally joined the club as well! He joined Twitter on November 2010, so it’s been about four years since he’s been communicating with fans on the SNS account. Since Hyunseung doesn’t have a Twitter account, this now only leaves Yoseob as the only member that has to reach 1 million.
You can follow Dongwoon here! (And help Yoseob reach 1 million here.)
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[news]B2ST talk about Park Shin Hye, member with most grudges & what could have been their group name

The boys of B2ST were the special guests on the June 28 installment of SBS power FM's 'Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight' and the topic of Park Shin Hye came up as her close friendship with Junhyung has been a popular topic of late.

DJ Jung Sun Hee asked Junhyung about Park Shin Hye’s personality.  Sparing no compliments, he responded, “She is completely easygoing.  She’s really nice.  When I look at Park Shin Hye, she looks like a drawing done with pastels.”

Kikwang added, “She’s also a natural beauty.  She was a beauty since birth.”

Junhyung was then asked if his latest song “Good Luck" was written in relation to his personal life.  He replied in the negative, so DJ Jung Sun Hee then asked, "Are you cool to the person who left you?  Can you cut that person out completely as if cutting something with scissors?

Junhyung answered in the negative again, saying, “When making this song, I made it thinking, ‘Good luck, farewell, bye,’ but it seemed too boring, so I changed the lyrics to mean, ‘Be happy.  But just you wait.’  It’s a vague difference, but I think it depends on the person listening to it.

Jung Sun Hee asked a follow up question of which member held the most grudges. The members chose leader, Doojoon, with Yoseob saying, “I don’t know for certain, but I feel for some reason like he would have grudges.

Doojoon spoke up, “I don’t know about grudges when it comes to dating, but I do think I hold them when it comes to friends.”

Lastly, the boys revealed the other possible group names before they ultimately decided on BEAST, which stands for Boys of East Standing Tall.  Some were Six Cone, Genghis Khan, and Gold Silver Bronze Eagles.  They joked, “Hello, I’m the gold of Gold Silver Bronze Eagles,” “I’m Doojoon, in charge of the baldness in Gold Silver Bronze Eagles,” and more.  They concluded, “We almost became eagles rather than beast-dols,” for even more laughter.

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