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Yoseob will be featuring in Hyuna’s mini album ‘A Talk' track #4 : From When and Until When (ft. Yoseob) . Album will be release on 28th.

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[news] B2ST’s Doojoon looks like the doppelganger of an empress from the Qing Dynasty?

SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' brought up an amusing comparison betweenB2ST's leader Doojoon and an empress from the Qing Dynasty on July 16.  The two proved to look so similar that even Doojoon couldn’t hide his surprise.

He said on the program, “I think the eyes, nose, lips, and face shape look the same more than just similar."  The other members were also surprised, saying that even their chins were the same!  They said, "The person who found a picture like this is even more amazing.”

Do you think Doojoon and the empress look alike?

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[news] B2ST’s Dongwoon joins the million club on Twitter

B2ST's Dongwoon is now the 4th member to reach past 1 million followers on Twitter!

KikwangJunhyung, and Doojoon had all reached 1 million followers on their accounts, and the maknae has finally joined the club as well! He joined Twitter on November 2010, so it’s been about four years since he’s been communicating with fans on the SNS account. Since Hyunseung doesn’t have a Twitter account, this now only leaves Yoseob as the only member that has to reach 1 million.
You can follow Dongwoon here! (And help Yoseob reach 1 million here.)
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[news]B2ST talk about Park Shin Hye, member with most grudges & what could have been their group name

The boys of B2ST were the special guests on the June 28 installment of SBS power FM's 'Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight' and the topic of Park Shin Hye came up as her close friendship with Junhyung has been a popular topic of late.

DJ Jung Sun Hee asked Junhyung about Park Shin Hye’s personality.  Sparing no compliments, he responded, “She is completely easygoing.  She’s really nice.  When I look at Park Shin Hye, she looks like a drawing done with pastels.”

Kikwang added, “She’s also a natural beauty.  She was a beauty since birth.”

Junhyung was then asked if his latest song “Good Luck" was written in relation to his personal life.  He replied in the negative, so DJ Jung Sun Hee then asked, "Are you cool to the person who left you?  Can you cut that person out completely as if cutting something with scissors?

Junhyung answered in the negative again, saying, “When making this song, I made it thinking, ‘Good luck, farewell, bye,’ but it seemed too boring, so I changed the lyrics to mean, ‘Be happy.  But just you wait.’  It’s a vague difference, but I think it depends on the person listening to it.

Jung Sun Hee asked a follow up question of which member held the most grudges. The members chose leader, Doojoon, with Yoseob saying, “I don’t know for certain, but I feel for some reason like he would have grudges.

Doojoon spoke up, “I don’t know about grudges when it comes to dating, but I do think I hold them when it comes to friends.”

Lastly, the boys revealed the other possible group names before they ultimately decided on BEAST, which stands for Boys of East Standing Tall.  Some were Six Cone, Genghis Khan, and Gold Silver Bronze Eagles.  They joked, “Hello, I’m the gold of Gold Silver Bronze Eagles,” “I’m Doojoon, in charge of the baldness in Gold Silver Bronze Eagles,” and more.  They concluded, “We almost became eagles rather than beast-dols,” for even more laughter.

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CUBE will publish unpublished videos of B2ST once the MV hits 5,000,000 views.
[news] B2ST say ‘Good Luck’ choreography is their most difficult one yet + MV making clips

B2ST, who have returned to recapture fans’ hearts with their latest title track ”Good Luck”, recently sat down for an interview to talk about their new eye-catching choreography. 

Fans may have noticed that this new powerful routine is different from the previous B2ST dances we’ve seen, and Junhyung explained why this is so. After their stage on ’Music Bank’, he talked with ‘Osen' to say, “It is difficult stamina-wise to carry out the strong choreography… I think it’s the most difficult choreography among the ones that we’ve done… That is probably why I feel that every time I do it, that it’s really difficult… Since it’s only been two days since our comeback, we will keep fighting on even though it’s hard.”

Hyunseung, who recently injured his ankle, also assured B2UTY that he is getting better. He said, ”This choreography is harder than it looks… Because I didn’t loosen up my body enough and lost my concentration while dancing, I injured my ankle… Fans don’t have to worry so much. I am working hard to take care of my condition.”

Stay tuned for the rest of their comeback stages on ‘Music Core' and 'Inkigayo' this weekend! But in the meantime, you can also check out more of their choreo and how their MV was put together in the bts clips released below!

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Anonymous asked : The greek symbols are BEAST in Korean...

Yes, they are indeed. But I think the one who asked was confused if another album was released with the greek symbols as the album cover itself not on what the symbols mean.

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vorondaeldaaranel asked : Hi! I was wondering if you could help me since I'm a little confused with the new comeback. What's the name of the album? It's Good Luck right? What happened to the other album cover/name with eh cool Greek symbols? And are both of the new MV's (Good Luck and No More) on the album or are they supposed to be separate? I'm just confused with 2 MVs released for one album. Thanks!

The name of the album is “Good Luck” while the Greek symbols were just used as an ‘image’ or like the ‘theme’ of their comeback. For example, other K-pop idols like Infinite used to change the appearance of their logo every comeback. The Greek symbols were just used to represent b2st’s comeback for their 6th album itself. So the album literally looks like this, with the greek symbols below :) Well if you’re confused on what the greek symbols mean, they were creatively used to represent B2ST in Hangul (비스트) without the letters i, and eu. (lol bc some anon pointed this out)


'Good luck' and “No More' are both included on both versions of the album since there's black and white version. The MVs were released for no other purposes, just the main purpose of literally releasing an MV for a song, not because they're on a separate album or anything like that :)

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